You are creative, beginner or experienced, you wish to express your passion, develop your potential and explore your imagination by the practice of drawing and painting. I offer courses enabling you to progress quickly while gaining a solid foundation. I'll give you the knowledge of the history of art and different forms of expression of classical modernism.
My pedagogy adapts to each student, through listening to every creative urge, every artistic sensibility.


Organization of lessons

I teach individuals or small groups of 1 to 4 people in a friendly atmosphere.

The courses are mainly in the museums of Paris (Louvre, Musée d'Orsay, Musée Rodin, ...).The surcharge for the museum lessons and outside lessons is applied, please contact me!

Suitable for all levels and all ages, my classes I teach all artistic techniques: acrylic, oil painting, pastel, watercolor, charcoal, ink, drawing, colored pencil, mixed media, work knife, ...

I also offer a training program for entrance schools of art (fine arts, design, architecture, decorative arts, ..). My students with this training have all passed their exams successfully.

Contact me to set all the formula that best suits your needs or your training needs.



During Adults

Learn or improve your outlook on still lifes, portraits, perspective, drawing, landscape, travel and book copying. Diversify your conventional techniques by glazes, mediums, illuminations, gilding, alla prima. Explore mixed media, collage and assemblages.

I teach all styles of painting, Flemish, Renaissance and Baroque.


During adolescent

My classes are dynamic and open to the desires of young people who want to express themselves freely in all artistic fields. Comics, the graffiti are also forms of expression fun and easily accessible to transmit basics of drawing and painting.


Lessons for children

Atelier Magdalenart offers creative workshops for children on Wednesdays. The child diversifies around different technical expressions and discovered his creative potential. It will also develop curiosity, self-knowledge and the (re) cognition of each other through art. I bring many opportunities that allow children to develop their imagination by confronting materials, media, tools, techniques.


Workshop schedules for courses Magdalenart children

  • Wednesday mornings from 9am to 12pm
  • Wednesday afternoon from 13h to 15h
  • Saturday not available 

Prices and rates

1 person

price price / hour / person
1 hour
35 € 35 €
10 courses 1H (reduction 10%)
315 € 31,50 €
2 hours
65 € 32,50 €
10 courses 2H (reduction 10%)
605 € 30 €


2 persons

price price / hour / person
1 hour
60 € 30 €
10 courses (reduction 10%)
540 € 27 €
2 hours
90 € 45 €
10 courses (reduction 10%)
810 € 40,50 €

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