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Portrait (Nicolas de Largillierre)

oil on canvas
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oil on cardboard, 55.6 x 41.7 cm

Oil painting is painted on cardboard.

Abduction of dirt were made with triamonium citrate and ligroin.

Gaps were primed with wax.

Original corrugated cardboard was dampened by the back, and pressed on the rear panel.

Damar varnish finish was spraying.

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oil on cardboard

Processing support:

Original corrugated cardboard was dampened by the back, and pressed on the rear panel.


The work is tricky because it is irreversible. There needs to be tested in different areas to enjoy what cleaning methods used. This operation is the simple scrub a partial relief of the varnish. It is done with great caution not to use paint and glaze are particularly fragile.


To recreate the image is missing or damaged so as to restore its readability at work both in color and in terms of forms. It was conducted in three phases: the putty can recreate the structure and thickness of the painting and get relief identical to the surrounding areas (brush, frame canvas, impasto, .. .), the installation of plaster in the traditional way based glue tottin and white meudon that also respects the principle of reversibility since it could be removed mechanically without the use of solvent in a subsequent intervention, editing and finally the nail polish that will protect the final table and was chosen based on the style and nature of the work.


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Portrait Lucia Palffy (Stauffer author Victor)

1890-1900, 69x59 cm
oil on canvas

First fixing the underlying layers and colors with Japanese paper and sealed with 4% gelatin.

Before the purification of the image filing, painting degraded (triamoniumcitrat).

Purification of the back of the image

Consolidation of back strengthening all cracks, flax Cole polyamid powder.

Relining the new canvas (BEVA 371)

Puttying gaps

Final touch with damar varnish